Insistence on high quality, integrity and responsibility
We’ve been passionate about serving our customers the best teas from around the world. We remain committed to our original vision of quality and customer service. We help our customers to enhance the competitive advantages.

Embrace the global market and move forward to international business
We believe that the tea culture has to be passed on generation by generation. The tea market of Taiwan will be managed by our family as a core and will never get changed. We put each individual at the right place by utilizing each one’s strength; explore overseas tea market and forward Taiwanese tea to an international prospect.

Innovative thinking and sustainability management
The eternal value of the tea culture exists in everyone’s life no matter gender or ages. We do our best to produce a variety of tea products to meet our customer’s needs. In order to keep the nature alive and vigorous, we select organic fertilizer and reduce the use of pesticides. Also, we consistently accept the SGS test and pesticides test. We keep our eyes on the details of business management in order to maintain the sustainability of Chiao Chuen in the Tea industry.